Starbucks Grand Opening In Temecula

A new Starbucks opened up in Temecula on Winchester and Ynez a couple weeks ago. The new Starbucks store boasts a new look and is strategically located next to the freeway for a quick stop before your commute. The newly upgraded facility also has some curb appeal and adds to the beauty of the area.


As a Technology centered mom, I judge a coffee store by their hot strong coffee, free WiFi and electrical outlets.  I counted almost 60 outlets in the new Starbucks, comfortable seating and several tables. The outdoor seating area is also very spacious. The Americanos are awesome here, as always and we have no complaints about the WiFi.  The staff is also very friendly and the ambiance provides a great atmosphere for meetups with friends, college student or neighbors waiting out the traffic.  We will definitely miss the old location, but love the added amenities of the new location.

If you’re visiting Temecula, make sure to stop buy and check out the new Family approved Starbucks. We love it!

Eva Smith

Founder & Editor at Inland Moms
Eva Smith is wife to a former Marine. They have a blended family of 3 children and 1 grand child. A Cloud Computing Engineer by trade, she splits her time between Engineering & Social Entrepreneurship. She enjoys dancing, traveling & wearable tech gadgets, especially her Google Glass.She blogs at

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