What You Should Know – California Drought

Fire season came in hot and strong last month, and months of low Sierra snow packs were echoed in the tiny touch of snow we got this winter.

The drought that has California in a current state of emergency is risking lives, but hasn’t shown much effect yet in the Inland Empire where water usually comes from groundwater sources.

This drought has the ability to affect California for years, including the agriculture in central California that brings a lot of fresh vegetables to the U.S. and beyond,  Now is the time to learn ways to conserve your water in case of further drought years.


Things you should know about the 2014 drought

  • The last time the entire state of California was in a drought was fifteen years ago, and this year’s has three-quarters of the state under extreme drought conditions.
  • Governor Brown issued an executive order in April asking for voluntary reductions in water usage for Californians, including car washes, serving water in restaurants only when asked, turning off water features that use potable water and more.  Homeowner associations cannot fine members for lowering water usage.
  • Two websites have been created for spreading news and information regarding the drought. Save Our Water , which offers water-saving information, resources, and profiles of homeowners doing their part. California Drought offers current news regarding the drought, water rights, and emergency measures being taken. Follow along on Twitter and Facebook.

Ready to do your part?

Easy ways to conserve water

  • Water your lawns 2x a week. I know, it won’t be soft and green, but remember, with the order homeowner associations cannot go after homeowners who are complying with the governor’s request and have more unsightly yards because of it.
  • Take short showers. My friend who spent time in the air force told me they got wet, stopped to soap up, then rinsed off. Having two small children at home showering for more than five minutes already seems like a luxury, but turning on a favorite song and trying to race the clock makes it a little more entertaining. Right now I can be done and dried after Shakira’s ‘Hips Don’t Lie’ and 30 Seconds to Mars “Fantasy”.
  • Have to run the sink for a moment to get the water running? Use a pitcher to catch the running water and use it for cooking, drinking water or even watering indoor or outdoor plants.
  • Don’t let kids run through sprinklers, look for splash pads or community pools to cool off or visit a neighbor with a pool.

Step it up – even more ways to save

  • Low-flow toilets have changed in more recent years to use even less water, efficiently. Get a newer model and save (how much a month.)
  • Flush occasionally the phrase “If it’s yellow, let it mellow; if it’s brown flush it down,” says it all, right? Even if you only do it in your bathroom (kids are hard enough to train, right?) you’ll save a couple gallons every skipped flush.
  • Use drip irrigation systems in gardens. They put water directly on the ground where you want it so plants are efficiently watered. They’re also great for deterring weeds.

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