Father’s Day Quotes: 11 Quotes to Show Dad You Care

Father’s Day is a great day to show your husband and/or dad you care.  From our family to yours, we celebrate our dads everywhere this weekend with 11 quotes.  Happy Father’s Day!

Father's Day Quotes

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STEM Programs for Youth – It’s Time For Apple Camp

Have you signed up your kids for Apple Camp?  Join local moms at Apple Camp for three-day workshops where kids ages 8 to 12 bring their imaginations to life. They’ll learn to make movies or create interactive books complete with their own illustrations and sound effects. And each workshop ends with the Apple Camp Showcase so campers can share their finished projects.


Workshop Details at: www.applersvp.com

A Day At The Temecula Berry Company

We recently visited the Temecula Berry Company in Temecula, CA .  The Temecula Berry Farm was founded in the late 1990s as a family farm and is located towards the east side of Temecula near Temecula Wine Country.   We visit the farm a couple times each year with our family.   It’s the only Blueberry Farm in Southern California.  You can pick blueberries with your family, bring a larger group for a tour or visit the farms on a  field trip with your students and/or preschoolers.  All tours are free.

In addition to picking berries you can purchase blueberry jam and honey.    Picking berries at the Temecula Berry Co is a great way to bond with your family.


Temecula Berry Co

Berry Season


39700 Cantrell Road, Temecula CA 92591


8am-6pm, 7 days a week.

*Blueberry season starts in Spring and ends at the end of summer


No entry fee. Berries cost $5 a pint

Pets Allowed


Additional Details



We had a fantastic day at the farm! We started our day by meeting farmer Mike and visiting the pig farm and hen house.  We learned about the care and animal eating habits.  They were a lot of fun to watch.  Afterwards, we headed over to the Berry farm for a fun afternoon of picking berries.  

Temecula Berry Co




 Tips for Visiting the Farm

We recommend a hat, umbrella and backpack to ensure you have your hands free while you pick berries.   For hot days we also recommend a couple of bottles of water.  Make sure to bring a wagon or jogging stroller for smaller children who walk slow.  If you have very active kids, they may enjoy walking through the blueberry trees and may feel restricted if you try confine them to a stroller.   Consider letting the kids roam through the blueberry trees to watch them explore.  Their eyes will light up as they discover blueberries.


 Tips For Picking Berries

Our grand daughter loved her first visit to the farm.  Not only did she get to spend quality time with us, but she felt very independent as she picked berries and showed us her bucket getting fuller and fuller.

If it is your first time, get a bucket for each of the children in your group.  Make sure to ask the staff where the best berry picking is located today, then find an area where there are a few people to pick the best berries.  We found the best areas near the foothills and came home with 2 pints of berries, blueberry jam and honey.  Don’t forget to wash your berries before eating them.


We’re off to pick Blueberries… Wait for us!

 Tips For Creating Lasting Memories

One of the reasons we love to visit the blueberry farm is because we can get away from the busyness and hustle and bustle of our lives and take day trips to create lasting family memories.  Bring the camera, stay awhile and take candid shots of your family.   Also consider dressing up the kids in cute spring clothing or matching outfits to take a memorable family photo or candid shots of your kids.




I picked the largest Blueberrie!


We truly enjoyed our visit to the Temecula Berry Farm. Looking forward to our next visit!  Hope to see you there!

California Moms Declare #NotOneMore

On May 23 a killing spree occurred in Isla Vista, California near the campus of University of California, Santa Barbara.  The assailant killed seven people including himself and wounded thirteen people.   In the aftermath of the incident California dad Richard Martinez, whose son was killed in the Santa Barbara shootings, said the following:

“Today, I’m going to ask every person I can find to send a postcard to every politician they can think of with three words on it: Not One More. People are looking for something to do. I’m asking people to stand up for something. Enough is enough.”

As California moms, we stand proudly alongside Richard Martinez and ask you to join us in declaring #NotOneMore.

Time For Justice Message Showing Law And Punishment


  • This is not the first incident that has involved gun violence affecting our schools (ie Sandy Hook, Columbine, Virginia Tech, Northern Illinois University, Harvard, University of Texas, etc..).
  • There has been a school related shooting every other day in January 2014, February 2014 & April 2014. Check list of school shootings for a full report.
  • According to the Children Defense report on Gun violence,  since 1963, three times as many children and teens have been killed by guns on American soil than U.S. soldiers have been killed in action in wars abroad. From 1963-2010, 166,500 children and teens were killed by guns in the United States, while a combined total of 52,183 U.S. soldiers were killed in the Vietnam, Afghanistan, and Iraq wars.


  1. Send a postcard to your local representative:  Send a postcard to your members of Congress and Governor to tell them that enough is enough and we demand action to protect our children from future similar incidents. We want the loopholes closed that allow dangerous people to purchase guns.
  2. Sign Santa Barbara Not One More:  Tell Congress: “I join Richard Martinez and demand immediate action to curb gun violence — NOT ONE MORE. Pass gun safety policies like comprehensive background checks on all gun purchases now.”